29 Jul

Medieval Times

There are many myths and legends about medieval times, one of the most tumultuous periods in Western history. It includes the period known as the ‘Dark Ages’, but also includes many events which have shaped civilization ever since. As far removed as our lives are from the Middle Ages, it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction. Much like the children’s game of “telephone”, over time stories get altered, and details muddled or lost entirely. Sometimes, history gets rewritten entirely to suit those in power, further obscuring the truth.

Fortunately, there are many experts who have spent their lives uncovering the past, and finding forgotten details which help to shed light on the past. As one of the most important times in European history, a great deal of effort has gone into trying to tease apart myths from reality. Here at Medieval Times, we have dug through the information that these diligent researchers have compiled to bring you an outstanding resource for learning the real history of the Middle Ages. From the menu on the left, you can find resources about many facets of life in the Middle Ages, along with many key historical events.

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