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15 Sep

About This Site

Medieval Times has been an online resource for people looking for information about the Middle Ages since 2008. With our recent renovations, we’re looking forward to providing our visitors with even more well researched information, artwork, and other resources. We cover the events and culture of Medieval Europe from roughly 5th century CE to the 15th century CE, with special emphasis on battles, sieges, and crusades. In addition, we’ve provided information about key fictional characters from this era, including the popular King Arthur characters, Don Quixote, and Robin Hood.

The Middle Ages have excited our imaginations for centuries. Many of our most beloved folk and fairy tales originate from this period, and stories of knights, saints, and beautiful damsels have withstood the test of time. The real story of this time period, however, is even more important than the fictional legacy it left for us. The story of the Middle Ages is the story of how western civilization collapsed after the fall of Rome, and how it rebuilt itself from the ashes. It’s the history of Christianity’s rise to power and struggles with Islam. It’s a story of technological development, from longbows to the printing press, and it’s a story of people. The Middle Ages offer us the unique opportunity to observe a time of immense upheaval and development, recorded in art and language that’s still accessible today.

We hope to make many improvements to this site over the coming months to help share our love of this very special time period with our users, starting with new content being added to existing pages every week! If you would like to make a suggestion for something we should add, or a correction that should be made, or even if you have a question this site couldn’t answer, please email us at contact@medievaltimes.info and let us know!

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