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Site Cleanup and Content Editing Underway

22 Aug
August 22, 2012

The old version of this website had a design from 1996 and content in English from a non-native writer.  We have been working hard to clean up everything from the look of the site to the grammar on its pages. This is going to be a time consuming task and will involve many hours of work, but we really want to see this site thrive and become a central hub for any Medieval Times / Middle Ages related content and reference material.

To start we have been building a completely new site and bringing in content from the old one.  The first version of the new site was finished a few days ago and we moved the domain over.  After a few weeks of work you are now reading this on the new site.

The next task has been updating, editing, re-writing, and generally cleaning up the content.  We have also been writing a lot of new content.  Take a look at any of the Medieval Sieges pages and you will see our freshly researched and written content.

Pages with new content:

We have also been adding images to pages and will be spending a lot of time getting many more in place.  You can see some examples on the About The Middle Ages page and its sub-pages.

Pages with new images:

Many more updates to the site are in the works.  One of the more time consuming, but useful for navigation and finding us on the search engines, is the addition of tagging on the pages.  Only two pages have tags as of the writing of this blog post.  But we plan on tagging all 300+ pages over the next couple weeks.  To see the tags you will need to scroll down to the area right underneath the content on these pages, they are contained in a little dark red box.

Pages with tags:

The last big new change to the site is a rating system on every page that needs it.  We would like our content to be the best.  To ensure this we have included a five star rating system on every content page.  You can scroll to the bottom of any page and rate it on four key measurements: Trustworthy, Objective, Complete, Well-written. It is our hope that users will use the system and help keep us on our toes.

Once we finish with all of these tasks the next step is to start writing new content and filling in gaps.  There are a lot of topics that aren’t covered on the site yet.  We plan on researching everything extensively and creating pages for every missing topic.

If you have any suggestions for us please leave them below in the comments or use our contact page and send us some feedback.

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