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27 Jul

Medieval Art and Architecture

The collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 and barbarian invasions were a major turning point in history of art and architecture. The period following the fall of Rome was characterized by the decline of artistic and architectural achievements of the classic civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome but the transition from ancient to medieval art and architecture took place gradually.

Medieval art and architecture were completely under influence of the Catholic Church and Christian believes but they included some of the Roman achievements. On the other hand, the Byzantine art and architecture reached their height after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire and greatly influenced the art and architecture in the Balkan Peninsula, Russia and other Eastern Orthodox countries.

The medieval art and architecture are generally divided in following periods and styles:

  • Early Christian art and architecture
  • Byzantine art and architecture
  • Pre-Romanesque art and architecture
  • Romanesque art and architecture
  • and Gothic art and architecture
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