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27 Jul

Battle of Asle (1389)

The Battle of Asle was fought between the Danes and forces of Albert von Mecklenburg (Albert of Sweden) on February 24, 1389. Margaret I of Denmark responded to the appeal of the Swedish regency to depose Albert and sent her troops to Sweden. The battle which took place near Falkoping resulted in decisive Danish victory. Albert von Mecklenburg was captured, deposed and imprisoned, while Margaret I became Queen regnant of Sweden.

A portrait of Albert of Sweden

Albert of Sweden

Albert was released in 1395 for a period of three years within which he had to either give up Stockholm or pay a large fine. In 1398, he decided to give up Stockholm and Margaret I became an undisputed ruler of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. She joined the lands into a personal union known as the Kalmar Union under her great-grandson Eric of Pomerania in 1397.

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