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27 Jul

Battle of Barnet (1471)

A 15th century depiction of the Battle of Barnet

Battle of Barnet

The Battle of Barnet was a major battle of the Wars of the Roses and took place on April 17, 1471. Edward IV that was driven out of England returned to England with Burgundian military assistance in March in 1471 to win back the English crown. Forces of Edward and his former ally Richard Neville clashed near the town of Barnet, now a suburb of North London. The Lancastrians were decisively defeated, while Richard Neville was killed in the battle.

Edward defeated the remaining Lancastrian forces led by Margaret of Anjou and her son Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales in the Battle of Tewkesbury on May 4, 1471. Margaret was captured and imprisoned, while Edward of Westminster was killed. Henry IV was murdered on May 21-22 probably on Edward’s order who secured his position and temporary ended Lancastrian hopes to win the English throne.

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