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27 Jul

Battle of Najera (1367)

A 15th century depiction of the Battle of Najera

Battle of Najera

The Battle of Najera (or Navarrete) was fought between the forces of Henry of Trastamara aided by the French and Peter the Cruel of Castile who was supported by the English under command of Edward, the Black Prince. The battle which took place near the town of Najera on April 3, 1367, resulted in decisive English victory over Franco-Castilian forces led by Bertrand du Guesclin.

Black Prince’s victory in the Battle of Najera again showed the superiority of English longbowmen over the French archers. The Franco-Castilian forces suffered severe losses, while many French knights including Bertrand du Guesclin were captured. Peter the Cruel was restored to the Castilian throne but only for a short period.

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