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27 Jul

Battle of Tolbiac (496)

According to the majority of scholars the Battle of Tolbiac at which the Franks led by Clovis I decisively defeated the Alemanni took place at today’s Zulpich, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany in 496. The last king of the Alemanni was killed in the battle, while the territory of Kingdom of Alemanni was incorporated into the Frankish Kingdom over the following decades.

The Battle of Tolbiac is also notable for Clovis’ conversion to Christianity. According to Gregory of Tours (538/539-c. 594) who is the main source for the Frankish history of that period Clovis I made a vow that he will convert to Christianity if he defeats the Alemanni. Thus Clovis I became the first barbarian king to convert to Christianity.

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