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27 Jul

The Hungarians (Magyars)

Territory settled by Hungarians

The Pannonian Basin

The Hungarians or Magyars, a Finno-Ugric nomadic peoples originating from Asia reached Europe in the late 9th century and settled in Pannonian Basin, the territory between the rivers Tisza and Danube. The territory settled by the Hungarians corresponds to the location of the Avar state which has been destroyed by Charlemagne in the early 9th century.

The Hungarians became feared throughout Europe shortly after their arrival in Europe. The main target of their raids was the eastern Frankish Empire but they also invaded Italy and the western Frankish Empire, once reaching even northern Spain. Hungarian raids were characterized by total devastation. However, Hungarian horsemen never attacked fortified cities but plundered the countryside and monasteries.

Hungarian raids in Europe ceased after they were decisively defeated by King of Germans Otto I in the Battle of Lechfeld in 955. Afterwards the Hungarians finally settled in the Pannonian Basin, converted to Christianity and adopted European political system and culture, and established the Kingdom of Hungary which became an important European power.

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