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27 Jul


The territory of Moldavia was a part of the Halych-Volhynian Kingdom before it was conquered by the Mongols and incorporated into the Golden Horde in the 13th century. Moldavia was captured by Hungary in 1352/1353 and organized as a frontier march but Moldavians under leadership of Bogdan I (1359-1365) gained independence from Hungary already in 1359. Moldavia returned under Hungarian overlordship after Bogdan’s death but it was ruled by its native princes.

Statue of Stephen the Great

Stephen the Great

Moldavia became a Polish vassal state after the collapse of the Polish-Hungarian in 1385 but Moldavian princes held almost absolute power. At the same time Moldavia was threatened by the advancing Ottoman forces but Alexander the Good (1400-1432) managed to repulse the Ottoman threat in alliance with Poland. Moldavia reached its zenith under Stephen the Great (1457-1504) who successfully withstood all Hungarian, Polish and Ottoman attacks but the Ottomans conquered Moldavia after Stephen’s death and incorporated the country into the Ottoman Empire.

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