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27 Jul

Vandal Kingdom

Geiseric sacking Rome by Karl Briullov

Geiseric sacking Rome by Karl Briullov

The Suebi captured and settled in Gaul in 414 and Visigoths expanded their rule from Aquitaine southern from Pyrenees about the same time. Thus the Vandals were pushed on the very southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. The Vandals under leadership of their king Geiseric (428-477) crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and settled in today’s Tunis in 429. The Roman Empire granted conquered lands to the Vandals three years after the conquest of Carthage in 422 and thus emerged the first independent Germanic kingdom (all other Germanic kingdoms had a status of a Roman foederati). The Vandals were also the only Germanic peoples who settled in the Mediterranean, built a fleet and plundered the region. They controlled the larger islands in western Mediterranean sea such as Baleare, Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia for decades and presented a major threat to Rome which greatly depended from grain supply from Africa and Sicily. In 455, Geiseric captured and sacked Rome itself.

The Vandal rule in Northern Africa survived for about a century. Inner instability, tensions with the native population, rebellions of the Moors and religious struggles greatly weakened the Vandal Kingdom. The Vandal Kingdom was destroyed and incorporated into the Byzantine Empire after military campaign led by General Belisarius in 534.

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