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27 Jul

Kingdom of Asturias (9th – 10th c.)

The Asturian throne was seized by Nepocian on the death of Alfonso II in 842 but he was defeated by Ramiro I (842-850) in the Battle of the Bridge of Cornellana in the same year. Ramiro I abolished the system of election and secured the crown of Asturias to his son Ordono I.

Alfonso III

Alfonso III

Ordono I (850-866) was succeeded by his son Alfonso III (866-910) who managed to consolidate the Kingdom of Asturias. However, he divided the Kingdom of Asturias among his three sons on his death in 910: his eldest son Garcia I received the Kingdom of Leon, the second born son Ordono II gained the Kingdom of Galicia and the youngest son Fruela II took the remaining part of the Kingdom of Asturias. Garcia I died in 914 and Ordono II was chosen as his successor acting both as King of Galicia and Leon until his death in 924. Kingdom of Asturias was reunited in 924 on Ordono’s death when Fruela II was elected his heir but came to be known as Kingdom of Leon.

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