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27 Jul

Kingdom of Sweden (10th – 13th c.)

King Charles VII

King Charles VII

Sweden emerged as independent kingdom in the second half of the 10th century when Eric the Victorious (970-995) became the first King of Sweden. Very little is known about Eric as well as about the extent of his kingdom. Eric was succeeded by his son Olaf (995-1022) but Sweden was divided among several rulers after his death in 1022. Sverker I of Sweden (1134-1156) who probably permanently integrated Gotaland reunited Sweden under his authority and was recognized king of Sweden in 1134. He was succeeded by Erik IX also known as Erik the Saint (1156-1160) but all informations about him base on legends. Erik the Saint was killed by Magnus Henriksen who in turn was murdered by the supporters of Charles I Sverkersson, later Charles VII (1161-1167) in 1161. Charles’ reign was characterized by the struggles between the House of Erik and House of Sverker leading to his assassination in 1167. He was killed by underlings of Canute I Eriksson (1167-1197), head of the rival Eric dynasty who became the next King of Sweden.

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